Hand holding new 2018 hearing aid technology

There have been many exciting new updates in hearing technology this fall! Many manufacturers have updated their hearing aids with some exciting new features. If you are having difficulty communicating with friends and family, now is a great time to come and see what is being offered.

Widex – The new Widex Evoke hearing aid offers a smart hearing device that can connect to your cell phone and changes its output based on your preferences

Resound – The Resound Quattro has a fully enclosed rechargeable battery, a faster processing chip, and more memory to provide you with more real time processing than was available before

Oticon – The OPN platform is now available as a BTE style hearing aid and the Siya offers Bluetooth connectivity in many different styles of hearing aid

Signia – The new Signia Styletto hearing aid has a sleek new design and fully integrated rechargeable battery that make these hearing aids stylish

Starkey – The new Starkey Livio hearing aid is the first hearing aid that can also track your health

If you are interested in how these new technologies can help you hear, give us a call at (404) 943-0170 to schedule a hearing aid evaluation.