Audiologist showing patient hearing aids

Hearing Devices

There are many hearing devices on the market these days, and figuring out which works for you can be confusing. There are two main types of amplification: personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs) and hearing aids.

Hearing aids are programmable devices that can be custom fit for your hearing loss. The amplification of these hearing aids can be adjusted at different frequencies and at different loudness levels to ensure a good match to prescriptive targets for different types and different amounts of hearing loss. Real ear measurements should always be performed for new hearing aids to ensure an appropriate fit.

Personal sound amplifiers have set amounts of amplification and are not adjustable to match any specific type or amount of hearing loss. They may be appropriate for some types of hearing loss but are not going to provide the best audibility for most patients.

A hearing test is a good first step in the process to determine which device is right for you. Call us at (404) 943-0170 to set up an appointment.