Girl wearing her hearing aid in the summer

Summer’s here and the season’s humidity can cause hearing aid problems, including sound intermittency and weak sound quality. If you live in a humid environment or think your hearing aids are being affected by moisture, a dehumidifier may be a good option for you.

Types Of Dehumidifiers

There are both passive and active dehumidifiers available for hearing aids. Passive dehumidifiers use desiccant beads to draw out moisture from hearing aids. The desiccant beads can be disposable or reusable after drying in a microwave or oven, depending on the option that works best for you.

Active dehumidifiers use heat and air circulation to better remove moisture from hearing aids. These devices are more expensive but can be more effective if you sweat profusely or live in a very humid environment.

Passive dehumidifiers are available at our clinic and both active and passive dehumidifiers can be purchased online.

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