At Ear Consultants of Georgia, we treat patients of all ages, and specialize in helping children with their ENT conditions.


Conditions We Treat


Children's Hearing Loss and Ear Infection
Ear infections aren’t unusual in childhood, but sometimes they keep coming back or won’t clear up with antibiotic treatment. They can lead to serious problems such as hearing loss and should be addressed quickly.

Cholesteatomas are abnormal growths of skin tissue within the middle ear, caused by problems such as ear infection.

Earaches and Otitis Media
Ear pain in one or both ears may be a symptom of otitis media, inflammation of the middle ear. This may be caused by an infection.

Treatment & Procedure Options

Cochlear Implants
Cochlear implants are small, surgically placed electronic devices comprising an external part behind the ear and an internal part under the skin that do the work of the damaged inner ear. They create the sensation of sound for pediatric and adult patients when profound hearing loss can’t be sufficiently improved by hearing aids.